The Windows Technical Department

The Windows Technical Department called again today, twice. They called yesterday too. These calls come in fits and starts and stop for long periods and then they start again.

Most of you know these calls are a scam. Not everyone does.

I have never purchased a Microsoft computer or product in my life. I own NOTHING with the “Windows” name on it.

Here is what Microsoft has to say about these calls:

Microsoft does not make unsolicited “cold calls”.
I have friends who are very bright but in a panic born of not knowing enough about computers to stay safe gave these brigands several hundred dollars. They have an apple computer and because her email account had been hacked (which can happen) they were willing victims. Here is the unbelievable part. They issued her a new password for her email account. Yes, that’s right, they assigned her a new password so they had access anytime they liked. I persuaded her to change it…

Computers are not magic. I have never had a virus on my computer, go where I please and open anything I want to. Mac computers will not run an .exe file for a reason. They are the most common source of viruses. Yes, there are malware trojans that can affect a Mac but not many and they are easy to detect and get rid of yourself without expensive “help”.

So if “The Windows Technical Department” calls you, feel free to recommend they give up their life of crime and get an honest job as a bull fluffer at the nearest cattle breeding facility.

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