Popcorn Dogs

So when it rains here sometimes it pours. We have sand and clay and the sand moves and the clay does not in a desert deluge and low areas fill with sand. There is a low area filled with sand next door. We had a wet summer. Some grass clumps and scrub grew in the sand and got maybe 2 1/2 feet tall. (taller than the dogs)

You have perhaps seen the way a dog will flush a small chase-able out of brush with a great leap and pounce?

I have been taking Stitch and Tula to this field on occasion for sport and they vanish into the tall grass and I can hear them snorting and digging and see the occasional plume of dust blowing in the breeze.

Rarely they flush a rat out of the tunnels in the sand. (which is why they love that area) They usually don’t see it even if I do.

So I am kneeling in the sand listening to the snort and huffle and watching dirt fly and suddenly the grass became dog popcorn popping…. Too funny.

They must have flushed a rat and suddenly they were both jack in the box trampoline pups their heads popping out of the grass over and over … like popcorn popping. How I wish someone else had been there to laugh with me. Or maybe not. My secret world is fine with me.

Take my word mates, it was hysterical.

In other news my laptop track pad has grown insensitive to an annoying level and beyond and it is going in for repair on Monday. I think if I charge the groceries and continue wrapping my feet in Valley Forge rags I can swing it. At any rate I will be going dark for a bit.

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2 Responses to Popcorn Dogs

  1. scarlybobs says:

    Oh I love it when dogs do that! Back when we were able to walk Kasper off-lead he used to do the exact same ‘popcorning’ in tall grass or heather – I’ve never seen two dogs do it together though, can only imagine the hysteria XD

    Kasper was always a terrible hunter too, usually running after the rabbit in the opposite direction to the rabbit itself šŸ˜›

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