A Wonder Dog First

I know bathing dogs is controversial. Some people never bathe their dog. I am not in that camp. I would rather bathe in moderation with products gentle to the skin and eyes.

A clean dog is softer, smells better and it seems to assist shedding and shorten that problem.

Stitch was so fearful and high strung I haven’t given him a bath till yesterday. With his new calmer and more confident attitude I decided to risk it. It took two of us. I held the leash and talked to him while my friend lathered him up.

He did wonderfully well and he is so soft and handsome. His white chest fur is actually white again and it was an extra special snuggle last night at bed time. Stitch gets an A+ for his cooperation and tolerance.

I had my hands full so there are no pictures of him cleaning up his act. This will have to do:

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12 Responses to A Wonder Dog First

  1. What a wonderful photo of your friend, Lynden!

    I too prefer a clean canine companion;-].

  2. ladyhart2u says:

    I’ve never owned a dog that liked taking a bath, but my last dog loved to be vaccuumed.

  3. Pack washes are an absolute necessity in my opinion. There are few smells worse than a dirty dog to me. We do a pack wash about every three months usually. None of them like it, but they do tolerate it. I never could understand why they don’t enjoy a bath every now and again since they seem so crazy happy after one.

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