Pillows Matter

Pillows are urgently important. These new polyfill impostors are not proper pillows. No, they are not.

In the old days in addition to walking uphill in the snow 3 miles with broken glass in our shoes to school WE HAD FEATHER PILLOWS. And we liked it that way.

Tracking says my new feather pillow is getting close. It arrived in Colorado this morning.

Yes, it’s an economic compromise with a chopped feather core and a down wrap. The ratings were high so I have hope.

Anything has to be better than this flat brick I currently use.

Stitch likes the old one quite a lot. He can’t stop licking it… I am sure he will adjust?

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34 Responses to Pillows Matter

  1. ladyhart2u says:

    We had feather pillows when I was a kid and I loved them, and I totally agree about the fiber filled ones are crap. I slept on a memory foam pillow at a Hampton Inn and it was wonderfully comfortable. I hope your purchase is everything you hope it to be!

    • osolynden says:

      I am hoping it is wonderful too! It arrived tonight so I’ll know soon… Tried the foam pillows when they were relatively new and felt like they pushed back too much and it was more of a battle than a rest. They have come a long way and I would be game to try one of the new shredded memory foam models.

  2. scarlybobs says:

    Ah you know, I have never tried a feather pillow, mum was / is allergic to them so we couldn’t have them in the house!

    Hope your new pillow is truly amazing and Stitch enjoys…licking it?! XD

    • osolynden says:

      I have always wondered if the allergies to feather pillows are about dust mites? I don’t know.

      I am pretty sure once the new pillow has the daddy smell Stitch the Wonder Dog will like it just fine. When I am scritching his chest and he has all four legs in the air he would lick a brick? πŸ™‚

  3. osolikeyou says:

    Salt/ sweat/ loving papa smell. I bet you get lots of kisses… Just got some IKEA pillows, feather, and the selection was astounding. Let me know, side back, or stomach sleeper.
    I hated that foam pillow that I hated as a kid!

    • osolynden says:

      You better believe I get a lot of kisses! Being an affectionate snuggle is Stitch’s best skill.

      Never knew you hated the “allergy” free pillow. I can see why. They “push back”. It’s complex for me these days as I need a 3 pillow fort so I can toss about and prop as needed to relieve pain. Mostly I am a stomach sleeper but sometimes side. To be honest I am not sure sleep is included in the process anymore. πŸ˜‰

  4. When I bought my bed, the salesman threw in an expensive memory foam pillow with blue gel on one side. I liked it for about a week, then it felt too firm. What’s up with that?

    They allowed one exchange, so I traded it for a pair of still pricey Pacific Coast Feather Co. Double Down Around (feathers). Too firm or high. So I’m guessing there are one or two artifificial fill pillows out there that are springy enough to = comfortably soft.

    But for now I’m using my old down pillow that is almost soft enough. One of the new pillows is perfect as a headrest on my easy chair, and the other is still in the package.

    Which model did you get, and how are you liking it?

    • osolynden says:

      Pillows are so personal and need to be “just right”. That is a very subjective matter. I settled on one that sounds like what you have with the chopped feather core bagged separately and with a goose down “wrap”. The pure goose down were far above my price range. I lucked out and for 50 bucks I am quite pleased.

  5. thomassparky says:

    My allergy’s were worse as a kid. I had to get used to the hyper allergenic pillows. But I prefer the nice soft down pillows! Woody is now 2 years old and sleeps on his own flat pillow between my and my wife’s pillow with sparky at our feet, under his blanket.

  6. Ishbel says:

    Goodness, you must really be enjoying those pillows….

    Long time, no ‘see’. I hope you are well.

    • osolynden says:

      Hanging in there. How sweet of you to ask. Walking issues worsening and need to get another MRI… Sigh.

      • Ishbel says:

        I am so sorry to har of your mobility problems.

        I sympathise. I went out walking with a friend who exercises her Weimaraner puppy on a local farmer’s land. The way to gain access is vua a wooden style. I managed the mount, but the dismount was less than stellar… The preferred methos is to get off backwards and due to heavy rain, the area was washed away and the drop lower than expected so I badly jarred my knee. Here we are six months later and it still causes problems. Luckily, no cartilage damage, just the jarring causing swelling. I hate getting older!

  7. I have a bad habit with leaving pillows behind on my travels. The most recent one was at a clients house in Texas. They can’t find it. I say I left it on the freaking bed, surely you can see there is a freaking extra pillow with lime green cover. I think the maid got hold of it, and like Charmin tp she squeezed it and was hooked.

    Damn, now I haven’t slept right in several months trying to find a pillow that will suit me. I have tried ever pillow in our house, even in guest bedroom. Mike’s like what is your obsession…lol…now very tickled I’m not the only one who knows how gratifying and needed the RIGHT pillow can be. ❀

  8. Sechumanist says:

    Hi Lynden

    This way we can talk w/o being on AlterNet.

    • osolynden says:

      Yes we can! And troll free.
      Guess i better get busy and do some writing. πŸ˜‰

      • Sechumanist says:

        You can use my email address if you prefer but let me know as I don’t use it often and don’t check it as a result.

        • osolynden says:

          OK. Getting ready to smack Texxtyn. He is one of the both parties are just as bad folks who when scratched looks right wing below the mask.

          • Sechumanist says:

            I’ve thought about this for some time because I see both sides. It’s obvious that if you detest a party for duplicity, in your mind as equal to the other parry, you want to withhold your support. An additional complication is the difficulty that third party candidates have.

            I’ve also paid attention to those that say don’t vote or vote for a group that has no chance.

            I’ve decided, and have posted this, that dems, libs and progs have to become like the TP and have the dems fear us. Organize effectively and make them listen.

            Now that the “season” has begun I expect that the moles will come out in force.

            Expect heavy resistance to an effort to support the ‘lesser” position. I’ll support you where I can.

            On another subject, I saw your comment re another possible MRI you may need. I hope your health improves. I sympathize.


            • osolynden says:

              It is very complex isn’t it?

              Your idea is one I can endorse. It pains me to vote 3rd party knowing the system is rigged to keep 3rd parties from getting exposure or even being on the ballot.

              I will check your comments on Alternet from time to time and upvote and support.

              Thanks for the empathy. Old age is no place for sissies… πŸ˜‰

  9. Sechumanist says:

    Have tried twice to leave a comment. Didn’t work.

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