Another Oso Acre Gazette

Yes, it is time for another Oso Acre Gazette…

Stitch the Wonder Dog pulled a Lassie on me. On our “walks” I now collapse every 8 or 9 hundred feet onto my knees. This is just my new “normal”. My ability to walk continues to deteriorate AGAIN.

Mr. Stitch vanished after a rabbit chase at the first rest stop. He is a terrible hunter who quickly loses sight and then scent and doubles back over the same ground figure 8 sniffing.

That didn’t happen.

So I rose and went on to the next station of the cross. No Stitch. We are talking 20 minutes here….

So I called. He eventually came hauling but braked and sat staring 100 feet away staring, then circled 3 times looking over his shoulder and hauled back from the direction he had come from.

Timmy had obviously fallen down the well again.

I followed as best I could and couldn’t keep up. I would sit and call and he would rush back to lead me one leg further. We went well off our normal trail.

It wasn’t Timmy after all.

He was dividing something fresh dead into manageable parts and after a quick chew taking them for an unusually dep burial.

I am not saying he is shallow with interring store bought dog cookies. He is, but I am not saying that..

He had fun and I didn’t have to struggle so far.

In other news my computer died. Wow. A new Macbook Pro had long been so overpriced it may be one of the few things that hasn’t gone up in price in the last 10 years. I love the new lighter weight and hate where Apple is going with the OS. Yosemite has none of the intuitive ease and easy function Snow Leopard had. I guess in time I will adjust.

I am just grateful my Ex, David financed it for me and is letting me pay it off. Thank you David.

Our local “not for profit” ruthless Catholic big business hospital sent me to their in-house collection agency so my credit is shot. Christus St Vincent’s is very bad at dealing with their community, customers and employees. Their CEO makes the big bucks.


In wildlife news we have had several years running of major desert deluge at least once during the summer and the weeds and grass are higher than I have ever seen them.

Some trails I blazed and used are nipple high thick weeds now and I can’t manage them anymore.

Suddenly I am seeing deer hoof prints in my area. Lots of them. Some right by my outhouse 80 feet from my front door. I haven’t seen a deer… yet.

I passed by my landlords pond tonight to take Stitch to visit his girl friend. I don’t know why. She is increasingly uninterested in play time with him.

In the pond I saw a decent sized snake. It wasn’t venomous which is obvious very quickly if you look at the head and jaw. It did however have an enormous bulge in the middle and there is one less 6 inch gold fish in that pond tonight… I have never know a snake to hunt fish around here so it was a first for me.

That really is about it.

The Nano fish tank continues to delight me and I may eventually get a 10 gallon replacement. It is right by my chair and I am taking great pleasure in watching the Betta and his friends.


Stay safe friends.

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12 Responses to Another Oso Acre Gazette

  1. Me says:

    It’s so good of Stitch to keep you on your toes and encourage you to walk further…!

    Kasper used to disappear quite a bit. I remember once, soon after we adopted him, he went off after a deer (why was there a deer grazing on a small patch of fields in the middle of a large city?!) and vanished for about 25 minutes. Stoopid boy terrified us…

    Wild deer are so exciting 🙂 There’s a field we drive past with our friend sometimes, and there are SO many deer in it. I don’t know if they are wild (?) but I have never seen that many all in one place, chilling with the sheep. I keep trying to get a photo of them, but whenever I have my camera they are oddly missing.

    And a snake? :O It must have been pretty sizable to swallow a 6 inch goldfish too…I don’t mind (pet) snakes, but I would freak at a wild one!!

    How long have you had your wonder dog for now? It feels like it’s been forever 🙂

    • osolynden says:

      Stitch came two Januaries ago so he has been my guardian for more than a year and a half now! He has turned into to quite the cuddle bunny.

      Imagine how startling it was to see a large snake floating on the pond water a few feet away… I only fer the venomous ones but they all make me jump. 😉

      • Me says:

        Aw you’ve had him so long! It’s awesome how much you adore each other…he’s a lucky boy 🙂

        I really can’t imagine seeing a wild snake, venomous or not. I don’t have issues with holding snakes at pet shops / the zoo (I carried a 16ft Burmese Python once!) but wild ones *shudder*

  2. max says:

    It’s wonderful that you can blog again mate. Give Stitch a scratch for me!

  3. ladyhart2u says:

    Stitch-1 rabbit-0

    I’m sorry that you’re struggling again. Do you think it’s the newest meds, or did you stop taking them?

    I’m also one that doesn’t like new and improved. I still miss Windows 98 lol

    • osolynden says:

      Hey thanks. I did stop the new meds. The side effects were dreadful. It is the damage to my spinal cord and the nerves are getting crushed again. They want me to have a new MRI and a probable new surgery.

      Increasingly making peace with the new OS but the damn track pad is over sensitive and I have to watch that my typing goes where it is supposed to… A real pain when it jumps around.

  4. I presume you got the 13″ – for price and portability?

    I’ve been thinking about a MacBook Pro or Mac Mini for awhile now to replace my dying Windows laptop.

    But I use this iPad for everything except storing my 1/2 TB of music. Instead of a new computer, will Amazon Cloud store it all and let me download everything onto iPads & iPods?

    Or can I transfer music and other files from an external drive onto iPad, thereby eliminating need for a new computer?

    I feel technologically lost, and have difficulty rationalizing buying a new computer just to store and transfer music. Especially with the double whammy of the latest jobsolescense estimate that computers will begin replacing my job category in the US in 2018.

    What a wonderful thing David is financing your Mac Pro after Saint Vinnie trashed your credit.

    It is a living nightmare to gradually lose control of our bodies while our mind is still fine. Who signed us up for this? Fortunately, you will have friends along on your walks to help you out.

  5. osolynden says:

    Love the joke. Sounds about right…. 😉

    Who said my mind was still fine…

    Don’t know much about music on computers so I can’t help there… I shop and surf and check in with Joemygod….

  6. You really have a lot going on….so sorry.

    We have a large pond 20ft from the front porch and seen all kinds of wildlife and snakes visit. Lately have had run in with water moccasins…not fun.

    On high note our garden is really taking off and the green house we cleverly built out of scrap garage materials is keeping us supplied with lots of yummy veggies and fruit thru our so called Florida winter. Making plans to start selling at farmer markets.

    And the pug is keeping us on our toes. She has had another seizure just pass few days ago…and just bounces right back. But she is having hard time walking now and can’t control going to bathroom most time. Some days she eats well and other not. Overall we stay patient and comfort her much as possible as she will let us. I’m so heart broken that her time is almost up.

    I really need to get my butt in gear…sorry for neglecting you lately….no excuses….love and miss you…please take care of you. ❤

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