How Low Can You Go?

As we ponder this question here is the Limbo Rock…

Today was grocery day. Once a month I get a ride to town for supplies and food. I have come to dread the exertion and ouch of it all but when the cupboard is bare….

I shop where they have the bumper cars for the disabled. It just isn’t possible for me to “walk” a large store these days and have any kind of reasonable day after.

The electric carts have small baskets and I need to play grocery rodeo and park a regular shopping cart that I rendezvous with when the mini basket fills or the bread might get mashed.

I notified a cashier what I was doing so they wouldn’t restock the items. My cane that I no longer can walk without is in my way in the handicap cart so I hooked it over the stationary basket handle.

Someone stole it.

When I completed my shopping and went to check out my cane was gone. The cashier said she had seen me hook it on the cart. The management combed the store looking for it.

It was gone.


I was hoping to finish paying off my last surgery finally this month but they will only get half of what is needed to do that. The other half went for a shiny new cane. It’s copper colored. It will do just fine.

What kind of dirt bag steals an old man’s cane? I hope it was someone who really needed it.

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7 Responses to How Low Can You Go?

  1. Me says:

    That is disgusting and really sucky for you…my cousin used to have a kids’ security system, and whenever somebody went into his room a robot dinosaur jumped into action to ward off intruders…somebody needs to develop an adult version of that 😀

  2. It’s obvious we need a super hero to stand up for (or at least yell real loud, if standing is too much) the oppressed!!

    And your second most important super hero tool (right after side kick Stitch, The Wonder Dog!), will be what Amazon calls (I am NOT making this up):

    “Zap Self Defense Cane with Flashlight with Carrying Case! They’ll Think It Is Just a Cane Until It Is Too Late”

    Act NOW and we’ll throw in a free life-size photo of three super heroes at no extra charge!

  3. Well that sucked…someone stilling your cane.

    We have a kleptomaniac in our family. Teachi, our rescue Chihuahua, I begged for as a christmas gift. It’s been a year already now, we’ve had her. She has come a long way, finally trusting us and making this her home. It wasn’t long after she came out of her shell we realized things started going missing. Things a dog has no business stealing either. Like taking Mike’s tear solution for dry eyes off his night stand or pens off desk and notepads, and the list goes on. If she can carry it off, it’s hers.

    We have found three hiding places, her kennel, under our bed and a spot in garden. Probably more places we have not yet found.

    I put down, on our dining table, a piece of toast with strawberry jam to help Mike open door and it disappeared. Few days later found the crust in garden…lol. I take it she doesn’t like the crust.

    Yeah, I hope the person did need your cane, not just a kleptomaniac. Who knows it might have been a dog. OK, that’s too far-fetched…sending lots of love and hugs….take care and watch that new coppery cane.

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