I live alone on a hillside in Rural New Mexico by choice.    These rolling foothills are high desert and have a subtle beauty that I adore.  Having open land to tramp is a joy.  I am as Queer as a three dollar bill, older, and a big “lefty”.  I have Osteoarthritis  and walking is becoming a challenge.  I try not to whine.  It is what it is.  I plan to do Dog Blogs and Nature.  Sometimes I write short stories.  I can have a very sarcastic and dry sense of humor.  I am passionate about politics.


10 Responses to About

  1. Harmonika Savingsbonds says:

    Kinda pretty. LOVE that red/orange background!

    Ricardo ~ San Francisco

    • osolynden says:

      It’s called wood Aunt Bea. “Vermillion” and having had a wood shop business once, I promise that is the real color of it… Just adore it. And you.

  2. I am up an ready for reviews!

  3. OK, I haven’t done this part of my blog yet but getting around to it soon. Loved yours, especially dog stories. 😉

    Check out Dr. Manhatten’s…ROTFL! http://drmanhatten1.wordpress.com/about/

  4. scarlybobs says:

    Hello! Just a message to say I have nominated you for a Liebster award! You can read about it here:


    Feel free to ignore this if you want to, you are under no pressure at all to answer the questions etc. 😀

  5. TUS says:

    Guess that worked? TUS was the initials of my old posting names for “TheUsualSuspects” but I got hacked.

    My name, however, is Denise. Living in Florida which aside from the beach is not nearly as pretty as NM. Guess you have heard enough “Breaking Bad” jokes for a lifetime by now.

    If you want my email addy, let me know and I will leave it here which seems safe enough.

    • osolynden says:

      Safe? NOBODY reads my blog anymore. Fort Knox is less safe… HUgs sweetie and thanks for trusting me and being smart enough to let you know I was leaving a hidden drop box.

      Write me if you want anytime ( I encorage it) at

  6. Denise Black says:

    Totally confused but I think I have 3 accounts here. They even posted the comment in moderation hell under 3 digit name of TUS which they said I could not have right after they gave it to me…HUH?

    Was on Alternet when weebil nailed the fellow who was going to be civil. Was laughing that he couldn’t manage that for even one page.

    I will surely email you since half the time I type a comment this won’t post it….too bad cause the last one was actually funny. Oh well….good night, Irene

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