Another Oso Acre Gazette

Yes, it is time for another Oso Acre Gazette…

Stitch the Wonder Dog pulled a Lassie on me. On our “walks” I now collapse every 8 or 9 hundred feet onto my knees. This is just my new “normal”. My ability to walk continues to deteriorate AGAIN.

Mr. Stitch vanished after a rabbit chase at the first rest stop. He is a terrible hunter who quickly loses sight and then scent and doubles back over the same ground figure 8 sniffing.

That didn’t happen.

So I rose and went on to the next station of the cross. No Stitch. We are talking 20 minutes here….

So I called. He eventually came hauling but braked and sat staring 100 feet away staring, then circled 3 times looking over his shoulder and hauled back from the direction he had come from.

Timmy had obviously fallen down the well again.

I followed as best I could and couldn’t keep up. I would sit and call and he would rush back to lead me one leg further. We went well off our normal trail.

It wasn’t Timmy after all.

He was dividing something fresh dead into manageable parts and after a quick chew taking them for an unusually dep burial.

I am not saying he is shallow with interring store bought dog cookies. He is, but I am not saying that..

He had fun and I didn’t have to struggle so far.

In other news my computer died. Wow. A new Macbook Pro had long been so overpriced it may be one of the few things that hasn’t gone up in price in the last 10 years. I love the new lighter weight and hate where Apple is going with the OS. Yosemite has none of the intuitive ease and easy function Snow Leopard had. I guess in time I will adjust.

I am just grateful my Ex, David financed it for me and is letting me pay it off. Thank you David.

Our local “not for profit” ruthless Catholic big business hospital sent me to their in-house collection agency so my credit is shot. Christus St Vincent’s is very bad at dealing with their community, customers and employees. Their CEO makes the big bucks.


In wildlife news we have had several years running of major desert deluge at least once during the summer and the weeds and grass are higher than I have ever seen them.

Some trails I blazed and used are nipple high thick weeds now and I can’t manage them anymore.

Suddenly I am seeing deer hoof prints in my area. Lots of them. Some right by my outhouse 80 feet from my front door. I haven’t seen a deer… yet.

I passed by my landlords pond tonight to take Stitch to visit his girl friend. I don’t know why. She is increasingly uninterested in play time with him.

In the pond I saw a decent sized snake. It wasn’t venomous which is obvious very quickly if you look at the head and jaw. It did however have an enormous bulge in the middle and there is one less 6 inch gold fish in that pond tonight… I have never know a snake to hunt fish around here so it was a first for me.

That really is about it.

The Nano fish tank continues to delight me and I may eventually get a 10 gallon replacement. It is right by my chair and I am taking great pleasure in watching the Betta and his friends.


Stay safe friends.

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